【UNIPLUS】Welcome toChina Xiamen International Stone Fair


Come to xiamen,

Is a journey, is a meet.

UNIPLUS looking forward to meet with you in xiamen.

How about you?

This space to use the artificial stone, elements of line and color is full whole space, linear, curve and curve, yellow, green and white...

Product Features:

  • Environment Friendly

    With brand new updated formula of Breton, it is synthesized with natural raw materials and compressed with physical methods in the whole course.

  • Resistance to scratches 

    The product reaches a Grade 7 Moh's hardness, with a strong resistance to scratches, solid without any deformation and leading the new standard of resistance to pressure and abrasion in the industry.

  • A1 fire protection

    Meeting the highest fireproofing standard of the EU--Class A1 fireproofing, which is far higher than domestic standard, it is a kind of high-in non-combustible material.

  • Resistance to ultraviolet ray

    It does not decompose or fade exposed to sunshine and can be safely and stably used outdoors for its low linear coefficient of thermal expansion at 11.8×10-6/K.