Chinas first Breton CEMSTONE


November 2, 2015.The theme of "Transfer classic, New future" UMGG production line press conference was held in the headquarters of  Dongguan changan.UMGG CEO Marble Zhu、BRETON Luciano Marcolin and several other leaders attended this event.

UMGG CEO Marble Zhu to share with you Uniplus future development plans.

Marble Zhu talked about,According to the plan, the next five years will introduce a total of three production lines, production capacity will reach 1.8 million square meters.

Breton company's chief engineer  Luciano Marcolin at the meeting to the public media, introduces the key technology and development prospect of Pericom.

Mr. Xu for everyone to do detailed production description.

With CEMSTONE production line - China officially put into operation the first Pericom artificial stone production line, UMGG will officially open development model senior artificial stone market.