UNIPLUS--high-end artificial stone,World class standard, The only technological partner of China for Breton of Italy

Brand Interpretation:

UNIPLUS consists of two parts, "UNI" and "PUS". "UNI" is taken from "UNIVERSE", the first word of Universe Marble& Granite Group, which means global, indicating its connection with Universe Marble& Granite Group. "PLUS" means "+", meaning reaching a new height, reflecting the spirit of ceaseless perfection seeking of UNIVERSE. "PLUS" is the combination of first letters of four words, Perfect, Luxurious, Unique and Surface, which reflects the four basic characteristics of UNIPLUS brand and products.


Decorate the unlimited life


To become a leader of global stone industry.

Adhering to and carrying forward the spirit of "leading the industry, pioneering in the world", and revolutionary and leaping innovation thought, we explore the development path of stone industry; persistent and dauntless, we have reached peaks one after another. We are influencing the development of global stone industry and creating history in the constant progress; we will become a world class outstanding enterprise in the stone industry.


People orientated, responsible, meticulous, progressive

Operation Philosophy: 

Customer utmost, employees valued, shareholders cared, partners well-treated, society respected

Management Philosophy: 

The key to management is decision making, the cornerstone to management is systems, the center of management is personnel using, the focus of management is execution, the purpose of management is efficiency

Behavior Philosophy: 

Dedicated, righteous, harmonious

Brand Positioning: 

An international provider of high-end artificial stone decoration solutions keeping foothold in the global market

Product Positioning: 

High-end artificial stone meeting the world class standard