Test Report

Fireproofing reaches A1

(world's highest standard, non-combustible)

Resistance to abrasion reaches A2

(Grade 7 Moh's hardness, creating a new height of resistance to abrasion in the industry)

Freezing resistance at 97.6

 (frozen without deformation in the cold weather)

A relatively low linear coefficient of thermal expansion

 (1/2 that of traditional quartz compound stone)

  • European Standard CE - UNIPLUS Testing Report-1

  • European Standard CE UNIPLUS Testing Report-2

  • European Standard CE UNIPLUS Testing Report-3

  • UNIPLUS CE ground-1

  • UNIPLUS CE ground-2

  • UNIPLUS CE  metope

  • NSF

  • NSF-1

  • NSF-2

  • UL GreenGuard Gold -1

  • UL GreenGuard Gold -2

  • UL GreenGuard Gold -3