Salary and Welfares

1. The company can provide accommodation for free, and social insurance, quarterly performance bonus, year-end bonus, birthday gifts, etc.

2. Welfare holidays: Other than weekends and legal holidays, the company's employees can also enjoy annual leave, marital leave, late marriage leave, maternity leave and funeral leave.

Notes: Annual leave is available from the date of joining our company, and 14 days for the spring festival, the company will uniformly book the round trip tickets for the employees.

3. We will buy commercial insurance for accidents or diseases and housing reserve fund for our employees that meet the requirements.

4. The company has established an employee mutual help fund, from which employees in need can loan or receive economic aid without any interest.

5. Each year excellent employees will be selected. The excellent employees can enjoy a gift pack of four days travel by air for two in China.

6. The company will organize two large activities each year: July Creativity Festival each year, spring party each year, which will offer rich gifts for lottery drawing.

7. The company sets proposal award, which will award the proposals that can save costs and enhance working efficiency for the company.

8. The working hours are divided into long and short weeks.

9. Performance bonus is offered for all employees and a competitive salary in the industry and surrounding areas will be offered;

10. We will provide one-room or suite dorm for our employees at Level IV or above, which will be equipped with basic furniture and household appliance.

11. Our workshop and life facilities are complete, with basketball court, billiard's room, library and cyberspace and laundry room in the factory and with air-conditioner and network in the dorms.

12. We adopt double duty system to set up a broad platform for the occupational development of our employees: our production and technician staff will be rated internally, and the management will compete for posts.

13. Our company has a complete training system. Each year, more than a million Yuan will be earmarked for training fund, to provide the employees with various training chances, and encourage them to study by themselves, and reimburse for the school tuition for further education of employees that meet the requirements.

14. Our employees can enjoy rich after-work activities. Other than organizing various employees' activities (such as birthday celebration, spring festival dinner, Luban Festival party, selection of excellent employees and various sports events), we will also provide 100 Yuan/person as a fund for the employees' activities.

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