Compared with other hard paving materials, UNIPLUS has more and better product performances

  • Non-combustible


    Meeting the highest fireproofing standard of the EU--Class A1 fireproofing.

  • Resistance to freezing

    Resistance to freezing

    It can work at a temperature as low as -40℃.

  • Anti-UV


    its low linear coefficient of thermal expansion at 11.8×10-6/K.

  • Antistatic


    It can effectively remove the static electricity.

  • Water absorption

    Water absorption

    It has a reasonable water absorption rate of 0.03%.

  • Environmental protection

    Environmental protection

    It is synthesized with natural raw materials

  • Resistance to bending

    Resistance to bending

    With a high bending and compressive strength

  • Antibiosis


    It can prevent bacteria from growing.

  • Skid resistance

    Skid resistance

    Making its surface safer to walk on.

  • Pollution resistance

    Pollution resistance

    The product adopts the latest surface treatment technology.

  • Resistance to corrosion

    Resistance to corrosion

    High resistance to common corrosive and acid.

  • Resistance to scratches

    Resistance to scratches

    The product reaches a Grade 7 Mohs hardness.