Brand Support

To create an international first-class quartz compound stone brand with a leading enterprise in stone industry, and an image identification system with an internationally unified standard, we will provide our partners with brand support of high-in quartz compound stone under a world-class standard.

Promotion Support

In accordance with the actual market conditions, Uniplus will plan and release media publicity nationwide such as news advertorial, radio and network advertisement, to ensure a strong coverage of the brand. We will provide market promotion schemes and guide systems for different periods, provide our partners with assistance and material support for their promotion activities and do a good job in publicity and promotion in related regions.

Material Support

Uniplus will provide its partners with a complete set of promotion and exhibition materials such as exhibition hall/terminal storefront design, signboard design, product display racks and cabinets, albums, posters and leaflets and provide its distributors with certain support in material fees based on the actual requirements and conditions.

Training Support

With a complete training system, we can provide our partners with professional training regularly such as basic knowledge of products, business skills, shopping guide and installation guide and give trainings on related topics such as marketing and technology to our distributors irregularly, to help expand the terminal markets.

Management Support

Adopting a management mode of brand franchising, fully applying the company\'s rich experience in practical management, we can save a lot of manpower, materials and financial resources for our partners, reduce the costs and risks of brand promotion and marketing and provide comprehensive support.

Project Operation Support

Depending on the large platform of Universe Marble& Granite Group, Uniplus boasts rich experience in production, research and development and project operation and can provide services such as slate production and customization, production and processing, design and sampling, drawing deepening and construction& installation, thus saving worries for the project operation of our partners.

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